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Tribute to Kiki

"God made the cat to give man the pleasure of caressing the tiger."
Said Victor Hugo, speaking of his kitty Chanoine.

We called you Kiki, white and black you were a nice cat,
The last day we told you, Kiki does not leave us,
We could still offer you good food,
From the gold gourmet and the good Sheba.

Come from next door where you did not like,
It is with small step that you settled us,
From the garden to the gate in your domain you stayed,
In the evening you were purring on your dad's shoulder.

Attentive to our gestures, deaf as a pot you will become,
It was by a cancerous ulcer on the palate that evil carried you away,
The day before, in the shade of the peas of the warm sun,
Your throngs and blackbirds were singing without your taking care of it.

Before your last night although weak on my shoulder you took refuge
Last purrs, last cuddles, it's painful to think about it,
But here in this little morning of May you left for the long sleep,
We had pampered you, Adieu Kiki, you were our little ray of sunshine.

Guy de MAUPASSANT wrote in his book "Sur les chats"
"He walks as he pleases, visits his estate at his will, can lie down in every bed, see and hear everything, know all the secrets, habits or shame of the house. , Able to enter everywhere, the animal passing silently, the silent prowler, the nocturnal walk of the hollow walls. "
It is by a last complaint that you are gone
Kiki you were already 17 years old.
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