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Tribute to EMA

Mom Canelle, Dad Bandit, I’m E M A
In both legs it is said to be generous, it’s human
For me at A M E well born, I am from the dog world
Sociable and playful Labrador, I have fun with my sister Shana

In December 2009 our siblings consisted of eight puppies
Five months later, I was, in the image of my master, a jewel
Cuddly dog, my first walks were in the Épernon countryside
Then all as a family we will experience the joy of holidays in Aveyron

Halfway through my life, a little stuffy, I experienced lameness
As the pain progresses, a tear in the cruciate ligaments of the knee will be detected.
Operation on one leg, then the other and goodbye to crazy walks
Osteoarthritis relieved by monthly injections, time for a peaceful life

My Dad, in search of peace and quiet, made me share the Percheron life
He LOVED me very much and Nathalie too, 13 years of pampered life
In their hearts my paw will remain forever engraved with love
EMA, the ARIÉ….JOIE dedicates to you “She’s gone Mama” with Aznavour

                                                                     Guy Pujol says the l’ARIÉ…..JOIE

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