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The Yule Log or Christmas Ember
La Turro dé Nadal

Chosen for some time, the log had to be big for the hearth
While burning every day it was to last until January 1
Equipped with cavities, there were hidden surprises for children
It was the Christmas tree of the poor houses of yesteryear.

Before lighting it, it was covered with a peasant cloth
The ancestor struck her with a blow of his stick, saying:
“Degorjo! Immediately the children were looking for their surprises,
When they found them, the log would go up in exquisite flames.

At this moment, the head of the family was lighting a candle
And placed it on the head of the eldest son while speaking towards the virgin:
“T’alhuqui the candle sul cap. That siosques the lum of the oustal,
è que Dius te benazisco e te fasques creiche!”
I light the candle on your head. May you be the light of the house
and may God bless you and make you grow.

Once the log was consumed, its ashes were carefully set aside,
They were mixed, later, with seed wheat, which preserved it from bunt.
Elsewhere the charred fragments were collected to be buried in the stables,
Livestock were protected from spells, diseases and terrible accidents.

                                                                               Guy l’ARIÉ…..JOIE

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