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The Evil Beloved

Rabelais left the monastic habit, that is to say regular,
To take the habit of a secular priest,
He threw, as they say, the pants on the nettles
In Montpellier he studied medicine for converts

Bitter memory that its leaves with prickly hairs!
Do not panic if you have a sting, nettle circulates the blood!
On the burn, crush mint or sorrel, the effect is immediate
Depilatory wax applied to the irritated area calms hassle-free

This weed has been eaten since the dawn of legendary times,
Young shoots are delicious in soup with potatoes,
Nettle has many properties, diuretics,
Hemostats, depuratives, cholagogues and antianemics.

You can use it to make an excellent natural fertilizer slurry,
And even use it as an activator to make your compost promptly,
Do not destroy it, it welcomes the first generations of aphids,
Indispensable source of food for the attractive ladybugs!

It was Claude François who sang "The Evil Beloved"

                                                                Guy Pujol L’ARIÉ….JOIE   
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