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The Spring Magician

This emerging Spring sketches again and again its winter ruins
Withdrawing his troops to the ice armor, he hoisted his flag Germinal
In these early spring, the lark "lulu" enchants fallow and moorland
In the air, the emerald green argus, surfing on the wave of the zephyr in sarabande

In the forest, Flora goddess of the sylve stung on the canvas of chlorophyll
Adorable blue-purple corollas, nicknamed "violets of sorcerers"
While in their cozy paddler the agile rabbits
Prepare to point their little hairy muzzle of a terrassier

In the sky the sparkling Mercury twilight diamond,
The Planet of the Roman God of Travelers and Traders
Flirting with the tiny lunar crescent emerging
So fine that it punctuates the firmament of a silver apostrophe

With Floréal laughing, nature turns his enchanted merry-go-round
Thanks to the pastoral symphony of the thrilling musician thrush
Mingling his melody with the fluttered ritornello of the black-headed warbler
In the evanescent intoxication of the early flowers of the promenoir.

The young season is also taken for the cupid Cupid
Mammals, birds and butterflies
While the daisies which have clothed their white collar
Open their golden heart in the meadows with the periwinkles

In the vegetable garden, green, white or red, it is the time of cabbages
In flowerbeds after hyacinths, violets and narcissus
Then follow the graceful tulips to the leaves imploring the soft sun
Carrying valiantly their floral button, jewel quartz rosé or ruby

In his sleepy mountain, the black grouse opens the parade ceremony
This bard by his hissings tears the silence to panic his brown
Carollules scarlet swollen and tail read deployed to the front
This amorous transi chained jumps and slaps of wings as offerings.

In the meadows, in the hedges of flowers as long as one wants
Look at the butterflies go by two
Even at night we are full of eyes
Frankly, what are we waiting for to be happy !
                                                                         L’ ARIÉ…JOIE

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