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The Canaries from Island to Island

Lanzarote, the solitary and wild Canarian island, volcanic with a lunar landscape,
On Timanfaya, Satan unleashed in his fiery fury spat out the anger of his bowels,
Calm returned, everything froze on a bed of ashes in piles of rocks,
A fanciful artist, César Manrique built astonishing houses and spectacular sites there.

AO you who lived in times of old a “Fuerteventura” with Béthencourt the Norman,
The two Canarian brothers Ayose and Guise allied themselves with the attacking “King of the Canaries”,
Known by its queso des majoreras with udders full of sweet milk,
The former Erbanne spreads her miraculous hydrating aloe vera potion throughout the world.

DIn this fairly steep Canarian apocalypse you are Gran Canaria,
Lonely white villages in the mountains, yellow ochre, sangria purple,
Burnt Sienna too and gaps of green that slip through the bottom of the steep canyons,
Ending up stranding in the blue-white waves of the Atlantic, as in the time of Colón.

La Gomera is like finding my lost Ariégeois hole in the middle of the ocean,
The mountains and the rocks speak a language that the ARIÉ...Joie understands well,
The people here are unhurried, nature embraces everything and the earth lives under my feet in apotheosis,
A world of ancient times, preserved from mass tourism, where my mind was on pause.

La Palma, the island with a big heart with its volcanoes and lush forests, a complete charm,
Clear skies to observe the stars and the Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye can see,
But La Palma is also charming villages and markets full of life, unexpected,
Santa Cruz is gentle, it is on the seafront, it is colorful, in short it is pleasant.

Tenerife you are the largest and highest of the Canary Islands and at the top of Teide a lunar landscape,
Abrasive canyons colored in multiple hues where rocks mingle with delightful vegetation,
Flowering cacti, prickly pears, flowers of paradise and your island dragon trees,
A fantastic island full of pebbles, greenery, peaks, plateaus, valleys and tumbling heights.

                                                                      Guy says l’Arié…..Joie


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