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Francis Cabrel created The fisherman's hut and its refrain,
Laurent Gerra parodied it with His Cabane at the bottom of the garden,
Éric Weydert, the galéjaire of Ariège, has built his own skit with enthusiasm,
L’Arié… .Joie was inspired to put his own version in quatrains.

Over there, in my lost hole of Ariège, the cabinets of the fifties were enthroned on the banks of the Arize,
To reach this haven of peace there were a dozen or so steps made of crossings,
A sort of Olympic springboard, ramp inclined forward, mossy and very slippery,
We had to go around the well to reach the hut at the end of the garden, dormant.

In summer, the emanations melt and sting your eyes, dominated by the all-powerful Crésyl,
In winter, the temperature does not favor a too prolonged stay in this shelter of exile,
On the comfort side, the top, the cheap PQ roll hanging on its string,
Monolayer brown paper, very stiff, which scratches the foundation on the surface.

At night, it's terror that seizes you, you had to go with the candle in your hand,
It was necessary to overcome the obstacles, to avoid the fear of the wolves which surely prowled in the corner,
To wash the bottom was convenient, we went down to the river of washers,
But when she came back, Granny was waiting for you with a "it's okay Pitchounet" which warmed your heart.

We liked our cabin at the back of the garden!

                                                 L’ARIÉ….. JOIE

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