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For so many years you have accompanied me
So much affection and sweetness you have filled me
From distress you saved me
From the sadness you have cleared me,
All my stress you absorbed.

And now, an unspeakable feeling hugs me:
You are disoriented by your large extinct eyes
I am distraught by this painful end
You will not be able to follow me in the garden.

Your universe was in the dark
Groped you tried to see
You live in the fog henceforth
And I support you in your nothingness.

No, I can not believe it
That in this house
Animated by your department
I could not see you anymore
Walk down the hallway.

I feel lost without you ....

By your presence at my side
You have replaced all that I missed:
The companion, the child ... you were
That is the strict truth.

How am I going to fill this immense void that you are going to leave?

Is it really reasonable
To be so inconsolable ?? ...
From this grief I do not feel guilty
We were so inseparable ....

We were looking for ... we found ourselves
Let us thank Providence for having assembled
Two beings resembling each other.

My tears are up to my love for you
And wherever you are, you will always be there for me.

I could never forget you
My God, what you will miss!

Rest in peace ! .... MY CHAT LOVE!

                                                                      Elisabeth POTTIN (2010)                                        
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