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May in vitality

But what vitality in this month of May when nature activates
Main challenge, perpetuate, animals conceive their little ones, plants revive
It is sweet to listen to the melodious refrain of the oriole hidden in the foliage
Then to feel the purple flowers of nigritella with a fragrant chocolate fragrance

In the city what a pleasure to admire the tree of Judea and its astonishing bloom
Where her multitude of clusters pink tyrian spring from the twigs before the leaves
In the wasteland the borage blaze by the intense blue of its corolla in pamoison
It also seduces the pollinators, bumble bees and bees, that an abundant nectar hosts.

On the farmland two companions of misfortune struggle for their survival
The nice poppy remembers the blood of the soldiers killed in the war, cursed
In the company of the blueberry symbol of memory and solidarity with the veterans
Both evoking a wild nature, nostalgia of the harvest of yesteryear

In the gardens the muscardin is discreet without any offense of gluttony
It feeds on blackberries, raspberries, fennels, and hunts the cherry aphids
Like him, the gray dormouse is difficult to meet at random of a walk in the forest.
Arboreal rodent feeds on insects but also eggs and chicks, perry

At the end of the hibernation, near the Col de Pause, "Lou Moussu" Ariège emaciated
Part looking for "muguettes", stale tubers
From these great conopods to leaves cut in lace
Leaving his claw of contentment on the trunk of beeches steles

Sometimes an icon of the wild world and beast with fierce fads
Sometimes a troublemaker and sheep devourer
Sometimes a ball of hairs and a tender companion of newborns
The bear divides and feeds tales and legends around the world.
                                                          L’ ARIÉ…JOIE

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