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It is where spring is but where is spring?
It is there spring!

In Yellow and Blue spring displays his heart,
In exchange for a new period of sweetness,
At Mother Nature. Meadows and undergrowth are adorned with original golden spots.
With ranunculus, ficaria, daffodils and primrose officinales.

In the trees it sings, on the ground it cooves and it even makes galleries,
The season of love begins, a bluish passerine skips with suppleness,
This little bird, precious auxiliary of the garden, is capable of numerous prowess,
It is in the groves, the orchards and the gardens that lives the blue tit, gentillette.

The blue tit, the acrobat of the branches
Little fierce and constantly in motion she visits the feeders with covetousness,
Its cap, its wings and its tail with the cobalt blue gave it its qualifier of exquisite,
Despite his back, his belly and rump yellow-green color,
Lady building the nest in the early days of Springtime.

Between moss and twig she deposits a dozen eggs speckled with red spots,
She covered them for a fortnight, Mr. Assuring the supply of his sweet,
In turn, the couple will feed its nesting with caterpillars of Lepidoptera,
Aphids and seeds will complement the diet of chicks fed the protocol.

After three weeks in the nest, they will go from branch to branch in small leaps,
Then by short flights they will emancipate for their first flight of initiation,
Autonomous in a month, at the age of one year they will be independent, ready for dispersal,
And here they are flown for a dozen years, if Mother Nature lends them life of vagabond.

Wild Daffodil, a coveted golden flower
Called yellow Narcissus, the daffodil grows in meadows and light forests in prestigious colonies,
Its blooming yellow efflorescence blooms at the beginning of flowering spring,
Its flower in the form of a flared funnel, with a serrated edge, swings at the end of a long stem,
Its seeds disseminated by gravity according to the principle of barochery.

Its bulb contains galantamine causing abdominal pain in case of ingestion,
But very useful in medicine for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease which dulls,
This delicate yellow flower is unfortunately threatened by a picking in profusion,
But also by the abusive use of fertilizers or the early mowing fragilizing the regrowths.

Offer daffodils in the language of taxa,
Means "I desire you" or "I languish of love"
This narcissus which is asleep is to be plucked in moderation,
Even to wish the feast of the Grandmothers with mamours.

The little blue periwinkle or violet of the witches
Of a beautiful purplish blue, the periwinkle blue, it likes the fresh undergrowth and the hedges,
The flowers of the cute periwinkle produce a nectar by the bees well harvested
But only once the large bumblebees have pierced the corolla coriace.
Called violet witches, it was known for its medicinal virtues from the Middle Ages,

His letters of nobility were given to him by Madame de Sevigne,
She advised her daughter, Madame de Grignan, to treat a pulmonary affection,
Containing vincamine the small periwinkle, as vasodilator is also used,
Promoting the cerebral circulation it fights against the mental aging of future centenarians.

The ficar in bright yellow, "the grass with hemorrhoids"
With its bright yellow, its bright star-shaped flowers look glazed
The ficar presents a rosette of frank green leaves in the form of a reversed heart.
By the end of spring, scratch a little the ground, you will fall on a "hairy" roots
Resembling hemorrhoids, as early as the Middle Ages it was used against this malignant condition.

The swallow with metallic blue, between barns and chimneys
"Ya of joy, hello, hello the swallows" sang Charles Trenet,
Easy to identify by its metallic blue back and its pristine white belly,
The rustic swallow is back and again occupies our starry airspace,
Mason tireless, with the help of balls of mud and straw she builds his cozy nest.

Blue birds and butterflies across the yellow countryside
I sow to every wind toss the yellow dandelion near the wash-houses,
I sing like the nightingale and the skylark me the blue-throated mirror,
On the Breton moor they flourish the slopes of the bright yellow of "m'as-tu-vu"
The gorse bears sharp spines, while the broom has no broom.

The blue argus, or common azure, navigates by stealing in the wastelands and gardens,
The male is recognizable by its top of the wings of color iridescent blue,
While in the female it is brown, set by red dots grenadin,
Both overflowing the rapeseed to yellow mustard coloring the cultivated areas.

Victor Hugo declaimed it in the verses of his poem Spring:
Here then are the long days, light, love, delirium!
Here is spring! March, April with a sweet smile.

Michel Fugain and his big bazaar chained with:
Spring is here, come out of your house
Spring has arrived, the beautiful season!
Long live the life and live the wind, long live the girls in a white apron!
There is the spring that wakes you, you have the good morning of spring
There's the spring that's going on, oh, the rogue of spring.

The Bretonne of the ARIÉ ... .JOIE
It is on the lands of Armorique that I have refined my palette in Yellow and Blue of the Spring,
In the borders of the Vannes country, facing the sea hide the cabins of the summer visitors,
Here the fishermen on foot come to glean the wandering oysters on the beach of Damgan,
This Morbihan creek made famous by Guillaume Apollinaire, poet of yesteryear.
                                                                                                                                                   L’ ARIÉ…JOIE

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