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The Hakka of the Winner

It is the masculine appanage of sixty well-tempered and ARIE ... ..JOIE does not escape,
As the prostate ages swells like an oxidized fruit and comes to compress the bladder,
This hypertrophy leads to urinary discomfort and more and more frequent cravings,
Difficult mications, day and night, nocturnal awakenings and sensations of burns to all goes.

This evil to be masculine turns your nights into a nightmare with respite of short duration,
As the Vendée Globe sailor, shift periods return to the hourly frequency,
The prostate as an oxidized apple swells under the effect of temporary disruption,
No more liberating jets, place drip dribbling wet shoes.

Just before the Ascension your servant experienced his first rises in pressure,
With a day in the emergency room to explain urine color wine lie due to infection,
At the exit treatment antibiotics to restore a rate of PSA near the summits,
But no effect to relieve this daily hell, deprived of freedom of loved outings.

Farewell peaceful and dreamy nights, good-bye jet of frank urine and benefactor,
So I the "footeux", I began to dream to my years of youth for rugby winner,
Well camped on my bent thighs, I push, I scream to launch an angry throw,
I dream of the victor's hakka, but reality wakes me up for the looseurist's fight.

It will take until July 6 for a diagnosis on this apparently benign hyperplasia,
And consider the laser planing of the party responsible for this little easy obstruction,
Allowing complete emptying of the bladder, thanks to the channel of the urethra released
Urinary traits powerful and abundant, serene and relaxing nights, the dream of summer!

                                                                                                 L'ARIÉ ... .. JOIE
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