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Torture Square

In the 12th century, on the current Place Lafargue stood the pillory where the condemned were exposed,
On this square officiated the Pendard or "Roy des Arlots", he was the executioner of the damned,
We didn't touch him, we didn't talk to him, he was respected by public opinion,
The capital executions took place in front of the Palais de l'Ombrière, where gallows and the stake were enthroned.

He was in charge of the execution of sentences and had authority over capsizing girls,
He was chosen from among the criminals and was then pardoned for a time, after taking an oath,
Never go out without his blue and yellow coat marked with a ladder and a gallows,
He earned his living by collecting the money that was thrown to him during the execution of sentences.

The torturer was in constant representation and had to ensure the spectacle of the festivities
If the public considered that the torture inflicted had not been carried out too quickly or badly carried out,
The executioner, actor of the day, was executed on the spot by his successor, on the spot,
His salary varied according to the tortures inflicted, because each torture had its tariff.

The thief had his ears cut off, the blasphemer had his tongue pierced,
The poisoner, the heretic and the witch were burned alive, the counterfeiter was boiled alive,
Adulterous lovers had their bodies branded with hot irons, the murderer was buried alive,
In the absence of payment, the madam was “bathed” in the Garonne for the condemned prostitute.

In the Middle Ages, on the day of public executions, the baker turned over a loaf for the executioner,
Because of this, everyone knew that this bread was reserved for him, and no one touched it,
Turning over the bread was therefore by extension to attract the devil to one's home, misfortune that carried,
If a Christian touched this bread, to ward off bad luck, he drew a cross with a knife.
                                                                                           Guy PUJOL known as l’ARIÉ….JOIE



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