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The Palais Gallien, an infamous place

The Palais Gallien is the only still visible vestige of the ancient Gallo-Roman city, Burdigala,
Its name is misleading, it actually had nothing of a palace, it was a Roman amphitheater for galas,
Where horse races, chariot races, wild beasts and gladiator fights took place,
In an elliptical-shaped enclosure that could accommodate up to twenty-two thousand spectators.

Legend tells us that wizards and witches gathered there flying in the pagan night,
On the Sabbath presided over by a goat, they worshiped the Devil while denying the Christian faith,
The ceremony ended with an orgy where the wizards copulated with the succubus demons,
And the witches sacrificing young children, were ridden by the incubus demons.

From the Middle Ages and until the Revolution the ruins will have a bad reputation,
Duels were organized there, bullfights, crooks and prostitutes took up residence there,
To prevent the monks from having "impure" thoughts, the neighboring monastery bought all the houses,
Rue Putoye, referring to prostitutes, was renamed Rue Saint-Fort, the best prayer.

Another legend wanted that the ruins of the Palace contain a treasure in the shade,
In 1626, an innkeeper presented a request to make large excavations under the rubble,
It will only update ceramic shards and some coins without money,
Leaving the legend of witches making poisons supposed to kill people.

                                                      Guy PUJOL known as l’ARIÉ….JOIE



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