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Bordeaux According Ausone
You Burdigala, famous for your wines, your rivers, your great men, the manners and spirit of your citizens,
Here where the sky is mild and mild, where the soil that the humidity fertilizes, lavishes its generosity,
Here where are the long springs, the rapid winters, and the hillsides laden with enchanting forests,
Your bubbling river imitates the ebb of the Aquitaine Ocean.

Poetry inspired by a text by Ausone, scholar of the Western Empire, born in 309/310 in Bazas
                        or in Bordeaux, died around 394/395 in a villa located between Langon and La Réole,

He was a politician, man of letters and Gallo-Roman pedagogue of the period of the Lower Empire,
close to the Emperor Gratian and prefect of the praetorium of Gaul in 378

                                                                                             Guy PUJOL says l’ARIÉ…..JOIE



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