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Automn Strolls

Le Beautiful autumn has settled in with its procession of incandescent hues,
The wild leaves sway and waltz in the forest which is stripped,
Put on a down jacket, boots and step outside to enjoy the rusty colors
Listen to the fall of the acorns that barely disturb the tranquility of the soothing forest.

In the soft light of the undergrowth with choreographic bronze foliage,
Smell the musky scent of humus inducing nostalgic daydreams
Admire the holly with branches covered with drupes illuminating the dark undergrowth,
With its shiny scalloped leaves and its vermilion fruits making people happy.

Watch the squirrels bustle about stockpiling before the frost,
They depend on these improvised pantries, which they will find in harsh climates,
Look at the top of the trees, a sparrows with dark plumage hopping happily there,
Thinner than a sparrow, it swings its body in a sort of nervous hiccup

Mr. Redstart has deep black plumage and a white mark on the wing.
Madame more discreet, is satisfied with red tones on an ash-gray livery,
Insectivores, they feed on insects, larvae, small earthworms and spiders,
This nightingale of the walls sings in "tsitsitseri" and ends with a "tsiatsia" as a reminder.

It sings when it arrives on the breeding grounds and to establish its territory,
He sings to attract a female and until the cozy nest is built,
It takes the form of a cup of moss, feathers, wool and upholstered horsehair,
For his nuptial dance the male swings by spreading his wings and his notorious tail.

The female lays four to five eggs, which she incubates for a dozen days,
The chicks leave the nest at two weeks and fly away at one month, in bravery,
In France, the species migrates to spend the winter in Spain and North Africa,
To return in April to nest in old trees or surrounding cavities.

Autumn with monotonous rains is visual, olfactory, auditory or even gustatory, new,
It makes you want to cook seasonal recipes such as veal blanquette,
The shade gradually invades the earth making you want, in a soft blanket, to curl up,
With a good book while listening to the crackling fire, the cocooning season has arrived



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