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The Grand Dukes of Burgundy Tour

Burgundy has more than a thousand climates, plots of vines with a unique terroir,
Here we do not look up to heaven, we lower them to the earth blessed by the gods,
Towards this wine terroir occupying the slopes of the Côte des Nuits and that of Beaune, magical,
In this mosaic of soils where Pommard, Romanée-Conti and Clos Vougeot sparkle the skies.

Perched on its hairy hill, with its roof with glazed tiles,
The Château de Rochepot represents to the world one of the emblems of ducal Burgundy,
It is on the sumptuous traces of a region where the wine in totem drink is sublimated,
That we leave through the wine climates for a friendly Grand Dukes tour.

Remarkable landscapes, exceptional built heritage, irreplaceable know-how in the enclosures,
These criteria led to the classification of climates in 2015 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site,
Over the centuries, men have eroded the soil to build the winegrowers' cabots,
Building low walls and stacking murgers, the cortons knew their dying girls in songs.

Every year in September the frenzy spreads to the vines of the Grand Duchy,
Crossing them gives the impression of leafing through the wine list of a starred table,
As the sun caresses the steeples of the villages, secateurs in hand, it’s harvest time,
With instructions, we do not take the verjuice, or the rotten grains, or the leaves, a real challenge.

On the narrow ribbon of a hill and valleys with soft curves
A world-renowned landscape extends the Côte de Nuits and its flavors
Line-drawn vines shaped by tradition
Produce exceptional white wines on the basis of the chardonnet

The ridges bordered by a wooded border of black pines and hardwoods aligned,
Dominate the slopes covered with vines on the most exposed slopes,
Villages of character offer remarkable panoramas of this unique sea of ​​vines,
But it is Beaune by its hospices which reflects political and economic power.

By climbing the 316 steps of the Philippe le Bon tower we will enjoy the reference panorama,
In the dynastic capital of the Duchy of Burgundy attached to the 15C. in the kingdom of France,
Dijon has preserved architectural evidence of incredible Burgundian wealth,
The palace of the dukes enthroned on the Place de la Liberation, adorned with light beige limestone, cute.

Born in the Saône, Chalons has always known how to profit from its river activity,
The “money-earning” sailors descended their goods towards the Rhône,
Aboard their wooden boats, penelles, cadoles, vineyard ciselandes,
Today, cruise ships stop at the Quai de la Poterne.

In Burgundy the wines are defined by a climate, we walk full foot in the terroirs,
To open a bottle produced in the dilection is to open the trunk of stories,
A descent into the cellar, in the brotherhood of the raised elbow, reveals the mysteries of winemaking,
Crumme that, turn the wine in your mouth while bringing in air, divine tasting.

                                                                       ARIÉ ... .JOIE
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