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 June, Month in the Garden

Sun at the St Hervé
Predicts a beautiful summer

Symbol of the month of June, it is the most offered flower of the year,
Red it evokes the passion of the lovers, pink it embodies the joy simply,
Orange it symbolizes desire and white it crowns the purity of the feelings,
Only the yellow rose is tinged with sadness in the face of the infidelity of the beloved.

"Rosa centifolia" refers to the large number of petals of its flower hatched,
The hundred-leaf rose, "rose de mai", makes its long arched stems
Crowned by its round and globular flowers with pink cores,
On the Grasse side, the perfumers extract the absolute essence with sweet perfume.

A ray of sunshine intoxicating like sweet wine lights the trunks of the beeches with a golden yellow,
While flowing merrily along the sommier, warming the neighboring lands,
Then suddenly a stormy shower affects the aquitaine soil,
Water and heat, perfect combination for the star of the undergrowth to pigment the humus of the approaches.

The fever of the chanterelles animates the campaign where the enthusiasts search the shady woods,
The first "jaunettes" show in the clear beech woods their colored funnels,
Named by the collectors "crest of cock" or "ciborium", this princess of the woods,
At the fleshy, curved foot, with pale yellow or orange folds, exhales its perfume of sly apricot.

At the turn of a clearing of small ruby ​​jewels scattered in ribambelle the forest,
How to resist the urge to pick these strawberries from the woods to the flavor of passionate childhood,
Close by on the limestone slopes the burning bush gives off its perfume of cinnamon,
The fraxinel with ash leaves rises pale pink flowers, striated purple.

Continuing the walk along the edge of the forest, the senses listen to the alert,
Suddenly a complaint rises from the pond, kind of gaping puppy yelps,
These "poup ... poup ... poup" throbbing come from the yellow belly,
This pretty batrachian with the heart shaped pupil modulates her nuptial song aquafaune.

During this period of harvesting hay, Master Goupil hunts in the mowed meadows,
Mullets and voles no longer benefiting from vegetal cover for shelter,
The fox mullet, rushing into the air he falls back on his victim scampering,
After a light, graceful and effective leap, immobilizing its prey with its front legs.

Although shy another rodent, lively and curious is the "Fairy Quenotte" of children,
Gray livery, short ears, small black and shiny eyes, the mouse of the fields,
Defends its territory by "chicotant" by small cries sharp jerky,
Walt Disney made her heroine as early as 1928 by creating Mickey Mousse to paradise.

In this late spring, Flore modulates the blue of the gentians to the purple of the shimmering asters,
In the alpine lawns the orange lily offers to the rays of sun its glaring limbo,
Its saffron corollas punctuated with brown exhibit stamens and pistil erect,
Admire its soft petals like silk ribbons, savor its wild beauty eyes.

In the plots of barley or wheat the savages float like a tricolor flag,
The blueberry field flirts with poppy red and white passionflower matrix,
Close to the umbels of the common perforation, "bar with insects" without angles,
Offering their nectar at the lepture in cherry coat, carrying on its back its heart in triangle.

As for the poppy, this prince of the fields scattered his flowers in vermilion,
The bee collects pollen from its stamens and forages its nectar,
In the language of flowers it is the fragile ardor, these weddings celebrating 8 years of life without avatars,
Used as a pellet to suck, it calms the throat of its irritations.

It is the queen of forage plants, "hay of Burgundy", the dream feeding of cattle,
Alfalfa, sainfoin with shiny seeds like glow-worms dyed the meadows of violet,
Its fruits are in the form of pods in the form of a helical siren with three curved towers,
In his republican calendar, Fabre d'Eglantine reserved for him the first day of Prairial.

In the garrigue illuminated by the clumps of gold of the fake corals
The shrew, alias the "satyr", is heated on the fescue of the sheep, long laid,
Of orange color fawn, zebras of brown lines its wings possess at the apex anterior,
A black olive pupil of white and four others to the hind legs.

Beaten by the spray, this "turf of Olympus" irradiate the lawns of the seaside wet,
The maritime Armenia balances its spherical heads with the little pink flowers of this marine carnation,
It is also the ideal plant of the borders where its colorful cushions illuminate all the summer
Under the name of statice, he occupied the 21st day of Prairial of the republican calendar.
In the garden of Neptune, the posidonia of the Mediterranean forms vast verdant meadows,
Its long leaves undulating like the hair of the sirens form an "oasis of life"
It is the refuge of the saups with the livery greenish gray streaked with fine golden lines,
And of the mendola with its rectangular black spot on the side of its blue-colored dress.

In this life-size aquarium, the herbarium is unheard of,
The seabed reveals the large nacres planted vertically in faerie,
Their "byssus", filamentous secretion, allows them to bind in the sediments
Where serran writing serran, silver body, dark streaks, ventral task to luminescent blue.

Montagnard of origin he frequents our towns and villages, perched on the top of a roof,
The black reddish male, soothed, proudly throws his little king's song,
It is an accelerated chatter punctuated with sounds recalling that of the crumpled paper,
His cries of alarm or contact, "tsip" fast and short, leave in gusts eager.

At the approach of the summer solstice, the "moon of the strawberries" appears round, adorned with orange,
It is the period chosen by the two-colored serotine to settle under the cozy roofs,
This pretty bat with pepper and salt fur and smoky muzzle,
Preparing to give birth to twins, in 4 weeks they will chase happy.

                                                                                                                   L’ ARIÉ…JOIE

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