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Brittany from Morbihan to Nantes

According to legend, the fairies hunted from Brocéliande flooded with tears the "little sea",
Digging with passion this paradise of love where the islands floated on the flowers of their corollas,
The menhirs stood up to give them a hedge of honor in the legendary heath,
Thus was born on this coast megaliths, on the edge of the Armorican coastline, Mor-Bihan dear to Aeolus.

Océane and Celtique, military port and pleasure, Lorient is turned to the sea,
The Discovery Tower watches over the Indian docks dating from Colbert with its mansions,
The colossal submarine base built by the Germans hosts giant multihulls
Every August since 1970, the city has become the capital of Celtic culture of yesteryear.

Nearby Richelieu and protecting the harbor of Lorient, the citadel of Port Louis,
The former village Blavet will host the East India Company and become the port of Louis,
Its museum evokes the epic of the former counters Chandernagor and Pondicherry,
By presenting beautiful open models of vintage ships where we imagine life.

Upstream from Lorient, the medieval bridge St Jean, dominates the winding course of Scorff,
Until the 19 th century. bakery and laundry are the two breasts of Pont-Scorff,
The river with crystal clear waters latheres whiter and gives an excellent flavor to rye bread,
The Salmon Festival pays tribute to this wild fish breeding in the mischievous river.

This Scorff valley, a land of magic with many secret places, how much it contains,
In the fief of the mythical king Morvan, it is Saint Barbe who still gathers many faithful,
While Marie Tromel, the female Robin Hood, still feeds the stories of the brigand woman,
On festive evenings, between buckwheat pancakes with the andouille of Guémené and the crêpe of wheat.

Overlooking the valley of Blavet, the hamlet of Poul Fétan traces the daily life at the marsh farm,
Here time stopped at the last centuries in this "laundrette of the fountain" with Breton charm,
Where the granite longhouses with thatched roofs revive the peasant life of traditions,
In the company of black-footed cows, cuckoo hens, white pigs and draft horses.

Chosen in the Middle Ages by the hermit Saint Ivy as a place of meditation in the valley of Blavet,
The old feudal city of Rohan will become Napoléonville, doubled of a new city in districts,
At the foot of its imposing 15C castle, the narrow streets are reminiscent of the ducal era of the city,
Pontivy, its half-timbered houses and old stone mansions around the Place du Martray.

At the borders of Côtes d'Armor and Morbihan, a sunken valley, a fascinating lunar landscape,
What legends engulfed in Guerlédan in the newly dumped dragon-shaped artificial lake,
Conomor, the Breton Blue Beard reigned there in the 6 th century. killing his wives after giving birth,
Then a foreman, bled and cut up in 1900, fed the chronicle of the Quénécan forest.

Built on the hillside above Loch, one of the most beautiful rias of Brittany encloses Auray,
Cradle of Breton chouannerie at the Revolution, its leader Georges Cadoudal has his mausoleum,
Almost intact despite the ravage of time, opening its doors to the upper town is the port of St Goustan,
Turned today towards the pleasure it is a stopover of the tourist circuit of the Gulf of Morbihan.

Beautiful seaside resort sheltered in the bay of Quiberon, Carnac aligns nearly three thousand menhirs,
These megalithic stone alignments dating back to the 4th millennium BC,
The giant of Manio from the height of its 6 meters rubs the dolmens and the circular cromlechs,
Here, the misadventure of the Roman soldiers petrified in menhirs according to the legend of Saint-Cornély is told.

On the windward coast where the breakers of the Atlantic swell dross their foam against the cliffs,
Claude Monnet will remain fascinated in front of the needles of Port Coton, on Belle-Isle a day of a bitter storm,
Where the coast is ravaged by schistose granite where the violence of the waves is expressed without restraint,
Sauzon aligning its houses with brightly colored facades, sheltered from the dog blows of the ocean exhausted.

At the bottom of the Gulf of Morbihan, the old homeland of the Veneti has kept its ramparts millennia,
Vannes, through its streets has kept alive the remains of its rich history to the great soul,
Figures carved on half-timbered houses will make you know "Vannes and his wife",
At the foot of the imposing towers, along the Marle, the gardens form magnificent flowerbeds.

To link up with "the little sea", at the whim of tidal currents leave in sinago,
Traditional boat with open hulls with pointed hulls and two sails ranging from brown to orange,
Taking advantage of the currents the boat is carried away as on ice at the bay of Port-Navalo,
The Bono fishermen, with a stronger draft, fought the waves far from the angels.

Green and golden, lush vegetation, thatched cottages, the Île aux Moines
The pearl of the Gulf and its dapper village stand on the sea like a flagship ship
Its great era dates back to the 18 th century. when shipowners and merchants build a beautiful heritage,
A bird sanctuary, it is home to herons, egrets, harriers, cormorants and geese for the brood.

Capital stage on the road of the Dukes of Brittany, Josselin, surrounded by ramparts, clings to the hill,
On the rock overlooking the valley of the Oust the imposing fortress of Rohan camps since 1370, maline,
Prospered by its cloth factories, tanneries and fairs, the medieval city of Jean Trois,
Charming the walker by its basilica Notre Dame du Roncier and its half-timbered houses.

Perched on its rocky promontory overlooking the Vilaine, La Roche-Bernard marks the exit of Brittany,
Its suspension bridge with two lanes crossing the Vilaine will be completed by the bridge of Morbihan made of a single arch,
Until the construction of the Arzal dam in 1970, the city had its merchandise port in the countryside,
Louis XIII built one of the most beautiful warships, La Couronne, ancestor of La Royale Patriarche.

Between land and sea, the salt marshes of the country of Guérande offer an unusual and enchanting landscape,
From mudflats in the middle, the salt workers, salt magicians, shape the saltworks where they pick the flower,
At the time of the Dukes of Brittany, the city is endowed with powerful ramparts, high the hearts,
In the center of the city, the high bell tower of the Collegiate St Aubin serves as a landmark to travelers.

At the crossroads of land, river and sea, the city of Loire, here we are in Nantes,
For centuries, the city of the dukes will be capital of Brittany where will reign Anne, the well-being,
The signing of the Edict by Henry IV will coexist the Protestant and Catholic religions,
Drawn from the imaginary world of Jules Verne, crazy metal machines will be born on Feydeau Island.

End of the Breton walk at the tip of the Eve for a superb panorama of the captivating estuary,
Hands on the hips, the statue of Mr Hulot, celebrity of the film of Jacques Tati, watch over the summer visitors,
But on the docks of St Nazaire is the story of the great liners that makes it the mythical pride,
For more than 150 years, shipbuilding has been the birthplace of giants of the sea for exotic dreams.

                                                                       ARIÉ ... .JOIE
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