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August to Mid-Summer

In August nature matures, trees darken their foliage,
The fruits ripen in the sun and the birds renew their plumage,
In the meadows the wild flowers bloom for the pleasure of the faded butterflies,
Often overwhelmed by heat, this peaceful life is sometimes hit by a storm.

Orienting his big flowered head from east to west, he follows the course of the devastating sun,
Sunflowers thus attract foragers and insects in search of pollen and heat,
His head too heavy does not turn once his many small flowers pollinated,
It avoids its precious grilling seeds by orienting it to the east and to the ground, bending.

Never put on the ground, this funny bird clings to vertical walls uncomfortable,
With his claws and his long beak, this cliff runner digs through gaping cracks,
It goes unnoticed under its ash gray plumage, but the wallcreeper,
As soon as he spreads his wings, jerks out his flaming red feathers.

With its sparrow menu size and its short, strong and conical granivore beak,
Its spring plumage is adorned with a delicate red on the forehead and two-tone chest.
His melodious wand of rare beauty charms his sweetheart at the top of the bush, petiote,
Installed incognito in the gardens they pejoratively affixed of head of linen.

Stocky body, triangular head, long bent claws, green livery and massive tail,
Aquitaine is the refuge of this summer bugs, a kind of invasive dunes dinosaurs,
The ocellated lizard owes its name to the blue ocelli pigmenting its short body,
The hot summers forced him to sail at night in search of insects and centipedes.

Those that the waves of the ebb from the sea fatten in the soft waters of the Basin,
Or those who sink into the thick silt feeding on the hidden juices of Banc d'Arguin,
These oysters with fat, white, tender flesh were admitted to the table of Caesar,
Who appreciated the exquisite sweetness with a slightly salty taste of marine flavor, an art.

The legend of Casanova, great seducer, the belief of being aphrodisiacs attributed them,
Like the halved fig or rhinoceros horn, some see it as a carnal presentation,
The oyster promotes the production of testosterone and its dopamine increases the desire for him and her,
Renowned for its nutritional qualities favoring energy, its placebo effect can make you dream.

The growing craze of fans of the 19th century. brought out the idea of ​​an oyster park,
The first imperial parks appeared on the "crassats" of Cap Ferret Aquaculture,
According to the villages it's in the huts, chic, trendy, roots and without shower,
More or less salty, marine or fruity we come to "kiss the sea on the mouth".

In the Pyrenees the sun caresses the cliffs with its golden rays, Mt Valier blushes its headdress,
A couple of chamois come to attend the morning scene completing the picture of the photographer,
In Armorique parade bagadous ringing, binious, bombards and bagpipes roaring,
In our sky, the Perseids offer the breathtaking spectacle of a shower of shooting stars.

Throughout the summer its extraordinary flowering leaves its large yellow funnels hang
Distrust because brugmansia playing the "trumpet of angels" is a toxic shrub
In this family of "daturas", like "the ointment of the witches" they feed the legends
The "sleepers" mixed them with tobacco, slumbering their client to strip them, classic.

The Aztecs consumed the boiled roots, arrived in Europe at the time of the potato,
The dahlia was returned to its ornamental role of summer in the gardens, beds and flower beds,
The gardener harvests his "big potatoes" just after the first frosts to store them in a greenhouse,
True Fregoli flowers his palette is as varied as that of a Monet with jewels.

On the side of La Gacilly, the Morbihannese, the essential lies in the nature beneficent,
Summer is in vegetal mode with a scenography on the destiny of a friend of the plants,
From the attic where everything started, behind the scenes of plant cosmetics, Yves Rocher,
Give you his ode to life and women with a hymn to the earth in handpicked photos.

Fearful, vulnerable, difficult to observe, this little ball of fur lives in the Pyrenean torrents,
Clawed and webbed legs, long tail flattened at the end, trunk mobile, this dean,
The desman or "rat-trumpet", a real underwater torpedo, feeds on insect larvae,
With its beautiful green and golden reflections it seems to see spinning a heavenly fairy.

Under the silky sheet of twilight what a pleasure to listen to the murmur of the forest theater,
In the undergrowth the small balls of purple blueberries are covered with a whitish bloom,
While the soft chorus stridulant cricket rubbing his legs on his elytra announces the night,
Expected by its scent, new-dagger brocades court the goat after midnight.
                                                              L’ ARIÉ…JOIE

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