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In a summer garden
In the humid warmth of a summer evening, a gastropod was keeping company with a beetle,

With his heli-camper on his back, he drags his drooling foot on the salads,

As for her, slyly by her bioluminescence her way she illuminates him,

With his radula he tasted the crisp succulents, she practices her favorite game hunting ride.
This windmill concocted by a restaurant owner as snail Burgundy on demand,

It was Tsar Alexander I who tasted it to replace the traditional meat dish,

Unlike Socrates, who is a victim of sigue, he eats everything and must "fast" to be edible,

Both male and female, this hermaphrodite copulates in slobbering and convulsive hugs.

Nicknamed "glowworm", it is commonly called firefly or lampyre, among the Aquitans,
Once night fell, since the dawn of time it lights the lamps of leprechauns and goblins,

Terrible prédateur, en armure, elle rode la nuit en quête d’escargots ou limaces comme un ogre avide,
Sa morsure paralyse les délicieux mollusques qu’elle dévore vivants, ne laissant qu’une coquille vide.

Once satiated, it emits a flashing light that has the irresistible power to attract males,
Sir, a beetle with two enlarged black eyes, spots the light emitted by the lady,

Equipped with his abdominal lantern his flashes in yellow-green repeated, emitted in flight, are the signal,
The time of mating has come, the lady can extinguish her candle, more flame!

Depending on whether you are mushy or bright
You will be happy or miserable



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