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The Intense Island of Reunion

Territory of this end of France where the fire sometimes merges with the sea in chaos,
The old Bourbon Island, proud of its circuses and its peaks,
Saw, in 2010, its magical sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List,
Positioned north of this island of the Indian Ocean, St Denis is the chief town of Reunion.

In the city center, the elegant building with the original yellow facade sits at the "Grand Carré",
It served as City Hall where the balls brought together the "big" of society,
Since Napoleon, its historic district of Barachois points its guns to the sea, proud,
N.D. of La Délivrance rises for a century near the ravine, "in the bottom of the river".

Earth with multi-ethnic brewing, the mosque Noor-al-Islam, "light of Islam",
Fût the first built, from 1905 in a French department without state of mind,
Built on the eve of the French Revolution, the Creole Villa Déramond,
Will see the birth of Raymond Barre, became in 1976 Prime Minister, far from Reunion.

While climbing the neck of the oxen on the slopes of Maïdo, scorched earth in Creole,
The Mafate Nature Sanctuary is only accessible on foot, but the helicopter is flying there,
After five hours of walking the views are breathtaking, without fog,
Heart of dilapidated volcano, it is a geological setting where the life of the islets is a world apart.

Between cliffs and precipices, in a luxuriant vegetation, one goes up to Cilaos the Creole,
Passage oblige of the curists in the 19C, the Trail of the Carriers led them to the baths,
Farther shower at the waterfall of Bras Rouge to the slab of lava polished sliding under the bars,
  For the return, tasting a good sausage rougaille in a farm inn.

Dominated by the Snow Piton, the forest of Bélouve serves as a "green lung", blissful,
"At the heart of the Ile Rayonne" is the motto of the beautiful Cirque de Salazie,
  Here the "Salazes", these 3 rocks planted between the circuses of Cilaos and Mafate
Point their fingers-shaped piles to the sky on the ridge line Grey.

Consisting of a multitude of nets of water on the cliff side, Mother Nature is beautiful,
The vertiginous waterfall of the Veil of the Bride reveals its tragic legend,
Where the beautiful and rich Amanda wanting to marry the little gardener Henrio,
Pursued by her father, the bride fell from the mountain, her veil remaining at the top.

On the "windward coast", on the side of St André, you will know everything about bourbon vanilla,
In the Maison de la Vanille the "mareux" participate in the fertilization,
At the heart of a sugarcane plantation, enter this beautiful manor house,
At St Gilles-les-Haut, the Vilèle Museum opens the memory of the slavery of beings.

Guaranteed emotion for the helicopter flight over the Trou du Fer rocky funnel,
Like a tiny insect, the apparatus is spinning close to the vertiginous cascades,
After the circuses, towards the volcano of Piton de la Fournaise, high in the air,
The mouths of craters Bory and Dolomieu regularly spit their sulphurous lava.

Overlooking the Fouqué enclosure, the Rempart de Bellecombe path leads to the summit,
Passage halfway through the crater of Formica Leo, in the form of trap of the ant-lion,
Large eruptions often cut the Nationale 2 in the area of ​​the Grand Brûlé,
Under the lava a labyrinth of galleries created a network of tunnels in perpetual evolution.

The 1977 casting spared the little church of Piton Ste Rose of the "Windy Coast",
As soon as she entered the nave, she separated in two, saving the building,
Following this "miracle" she was renamed Notre Dame des Laves,
Threatened with burial in 2000, the Virgin Parasol was installed near, brave.

Near the White Ravine of St Peter, the Tamil Narassingua Pérournal Temple,
Perpetuating the Indian culture, replaced in 2010 the modest original wooden temple,
After a Lent of 3 weeks, the followers during the festival of "Pandialé",
Perform the "Walk on Fire" so that the soul and body are cleansed.

Saturday the waterfront of the leeward coast in St Paul is in heat,
Creoles and tourists meet in this colorful fairground market,
The opportunity to taste excellent samosas with a glass of rum well struck,
Before the beach in St Leu so that the "Z" ears return to the mainland tanned.

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