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Namibia, between dunes and ocean

The glowing sands of Namib and Kalahari sculpt the fascinating scenery of this austral jewel,
In a palette of chromatic contrasts changing every hour of the day, an unusual spectacle,
To the north with the huge shimmering lakes where a very diversified African fauna lives,
To the south with one of the largest canyons in the world slashing the overheated earth.

In this country out of time lives a population with impressive ethnic mixtures,
The Bantu tribe of the Hereros has preserved in its costumes a Victorian origin,
Where the Himbas, the ocher cattle-breeding people, still lives at its astonishing nomadic pace,
Strongly established on this territory, the German colony makes there float a spirit to the European.

Fauna and plants have had to find an adaptation to extreme life in this hostile environment,
The desert elephants can live without water for days without being thirsty,
The Sassusvlei oryx regulates its temperature in its brain avoiding unnecessary overheating,
The squirrel lifts its bushy tail to act as a shaded umbrella.

On the coast of the skeletons, the oceanic fog of Benguela nourishes the flora,
Walking along the Saltworks of Walvis Bay, the lagoon offers a true Noah's Ark of the tropics,
In the majestic fragrance of the pink flamingos, black-crested cormorants plunge,
Facing the monumental colony of sea lions, the dolphins slalom between the multicolored boats.

I invite you for an extraordinary journey to the sources of life,
In a veritable kaleidoscope of colors in the context of the first morning of the world,
A country dedicated to the eyes where the magnificence of the decoration will allow you to subjugate to the envy,
With a mixed population mixing ancestral customs and fertile modernity.


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