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On the Road to Indian

Oh the beautiful garden of Indonesia, a real theater of greenery and waves,
In a jungle as preserved as the first morning in the world,
Dominated by mountains of fire with planed active volcanoes,
By a sapphire-colored sea hugging the coral reefs, surrounded.

Sumatra, Java, Bali, Borneo and Sulawesi, an intimidating dream kaleidoscope,
An equatorial or tropical climate between dry monsoon and wet monsoon,
Where reigns the bird of paradise and the man of the woods, the orangutan,
And on the island of Komodo, the giant dragon, this large saurian by the name of monitor lizard.

Pulled like a shimmering batik cloth, the great flat plain sparkles,
By the mirrors of rice fields, streaming with light in this bewitching ocean,
The gushing nature alone is a vast temple ready for fast worship,
Where the shrines with harmonious and chaste statues arise.

Indonesia with 265 million inhabitants is the 4th most populous country in the world,
Ethnically diverse, fiery Islam introduced its warm wisdom into it,
The adventurous India has implanted her civilizing, religious, laziness-free luxuriance,
Conquering Europe has taught it to radiate beyond the maritime waves.

In this green rhapsody where human work has tamed the indiscipline of nature,
One of the most beautiful testimonies of Buddhism arose from the forest in the shape of a mandala,
Built in the year 800 on a natural hill by the rulers of the Cailendra dynasty,
The Borobudur with 6 terraces of square plan, is above all a rosary of pure stone.

On the road to Solo many Candi are home to the ashes of important Hinduism,
The faithful honor Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva in the temples of Prambanan,
The Lara Jonggrang dates from the 10th century. for the "thin girl" turned into stone by the giant,
King Boko's daughter demanded the construction of a thousand temples in one day by her suitor.

Refuge of Hinduism, during the invasion of Islam in the 9C, Bali will become the island of the Gods,
In family temples, garnished with fresh flowers every morning, radiates the religious spirit,
If yesteryear the blood of roosters watered the evil spirits, their fights attract big bets,
But it is through dances with stylized gestures that gods and princesses content Bali.

In Toraja country we will end our getaway, to Celebes on "the land of souls" from the top,
The bamboo roofs, rice thatch and banana leaves are shaped like a boat,
Former animists, their beliefs revere the buffalo, intercessor with the gods,
Sacrificed during the ceremonies they accompany the deceased in the cliff of the merciful dead



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