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 May, the month of the Fairies

This month in French is friend anagram, we offer a fragrant bouquet,
In the woods the fluffy chicks are huddled in the round nest,
In the air, butterflies in their crazy ascents take themselves for Cupid,
In the rivers, the little silver fish waggle at the idea of ​​loving each other.

The pretty month of May pours out its flowered baskets on the green surreal campaign,
From here and there, every meadows and hedges are enlivened by a thousand pastel shades,
As many flowers in harvest, colors and scents on the stall of Spring,
Life is in full swing in perfumes offered to the skies by the rose of the winds.

As a prelude to the summer, a slight sizzling rises through the evening grasses,
Installed on the terrace of his burrow, the cricket cries the cry, cry cry,
First piano, then allegretto this virtuoso plays his hymn of love to infinity,
By the friction of its wing equipped with a rasp against that equipped with a scraper.

On the roadside, the "beard of the goat" raises its hairy goatee,
The salsify of the near leaves to exceed its hair of its hairy flower buds,
While wild camomile offers its flower heads to the notorious apple smell,
Kind of eggs on the dish, anti-inflammatory properties.

Returning from his winter African vacation, he launches his didelio, didelio,
Resenting an impressive timbre, it is the melody of the oriole,
We listen to him in silence, hoping that he will fly away, seeing him being pure happiness,
In her sunny dress, this bird seems to have emerged from a laughing fairy tale.

In the garden the glycine twists its arms to the dazzling flowering enrubannée,
Inspiring the nose with its long cascades of fragrant mauve flowers,
But they also attract large whirring insects, all clad in black,
Carpenter bees collect pollen to feed their larvae in the tribe.

Placed wisely on a bush, a large butterfly with velvet wings makes the watch,
The flambé plays the sentinels and if by mistake a winged intruder approaches,
It melts on the unfortunate unfurling its straw-yellow wings, black with zebra,
We recognize this magnificent lepidoptera in its typical form in fancier garouard.

On the natural lawns stands rods bearing pinkish candy ribbons,
These "ophrys bee" wearing a fuschia cape with a raised hood,
Often mislead males of bees making white cabbage for their reproduction,
But leaving full of pollen to fertilize other orchids.

While listening to jazzer the river cascading onto the rockery,
May the turquoise flash of kingfisher plunging in search of fish,
On the bank two companions compete the territory for the occupation,
The coon with the cylindrical tail and the beaver with the flattened tail, covered with scales.

It is from May that it carries out its night flights from the bushy pine forest,
At the dawn of dawn, it is time for insect hunting in the neighboring moor,
The nighthroat opening his throat captures his prey full of proteins,
By pushing "ouit, ouit", seductive fredaines for the sulky females.

                                                                                                              L’ ARIÉ…JOIE

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