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From Semences to Bread
In Honor of René de Recoulettes

At that time Rene, the "brabanette" occupied your days,
The oxen drew straight in the field to the scattered manure,
In the middle of the shots down, pulls up,
Dad cursing his son making his number.

The well plowed room aligned its furrows,
It was time to sit down with Dad on the "Amoutassier."
In front, while twisting to level the layons,
And the august sower could throw his oats and his corn.

When the summer was over, the well-sharpened scythe was equipped with its kid,
Dancing through the ears and thistles,
Papa cut, Maman and I were doing harvest bleach,
With twisted straw, the tied sheaves stacked in lines.

The heaps of cross decorated the well-cleaned thatch,
The millstone was erected in front of the ascent of the barn,
Toussante and vombrissant settled the strange thresher,
In front of the gerbier, the festival of threshing was launched.

The cock had ended up in the well watered casserole,
The sausage left the attic and ham well started,
A good "truffade" and a loaf,
Not to mention a big "poutou" to the welcome barrel.

Once the sacks of grain on the dumper,
Direction St Urcize for a hello to the mill,
It was said that the miller "Mouldarabo"
Before making the bags of sound and flour go.

At home Maman took out the leaven from the "toupino"
She lifted and powerfully kneaded the dough in the "maie"
All that bloomed good bread,
Ready to take his place in the "paillassou" warm.

Burns and hazelnuts stoked the fire in the oven,
Whence the thick smoke enveloped our heads without detours,
A cloud, scorched with flour, announced the burying,
A festival of perfumes embalmed the output of the bread of yesteryear.

On returning from school, a pastisson of fougasse was waiting for us,
A little paste mixed with the egg and a hint of orange blossom,
What a treat! To burn their tongues for the love of God,
Thank you parents for letting me know these wonderful times.

Amoutassier: Heavy and rigid harrow with wooden structure
A poutou: Serious drop of level of the barrel
Molding: Action not to take flour
Toupino: Pot with handles in enameled sandstone
Palliassou: Vannée basket in straw twisted



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