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 February, Surprise Month

Has no velvet the new season looks cautiously,
Winter begins the last part of his show without facing,
He will draw his reverence leaving room for the change that is preparing behind the scenes,
Mother Nature sleeping wakes up slowly, moves, sings, perfumes without artifices.

Our favorite singer, this black-faced goblin, has resumed his trills full of hope,
Despite the icy air of the mornings of February, in his improvised repertoire,
His hymn to the joy puts of the balm to the heart by its fluttered notes,
Grumbling the lazy dawn to activate Spring, here is the blackbird.

On the wintering grounds in the Camargue, this is the beginning of courtship,
Once the sun has set, like Chinese shadows standing out from the horizon,
The great waders give themselves up to their courtyard of love, in their habit of passionate light,
The pink color allows the pink flamingo to initiate its magisterial seduction.

Like a metronome, its coordination of head movements, from left to right,
Salvation of the wings, raucous grumblings, restrained bows,
The couples are formed, side by side, at the same rhythm, neck lowered
Departing little by little from the group the two star dancers mate in acrobats.

In spite of the coldness a certain feverishness animates the sleeping nature
Flore threw floral kittens on the corollas on the ground and the gardener's shrubs,
Like a rain of multicolored confetti, spring heralds,
Red gorges, nightingales and amphibians form the singing troupe.

In this period of scarcity the birds show themselves without pity, hatred
They play to not touch my branch when it comes to grazing without sharing
The Goldfinch, although combative, is thrown by the bellied warbler
This case of nucleus with the formidable mandibles ready to all the chicayages.

Squat silhouette, rapid and leaping flight, thick and stout beak,
Red plumage on underside, black cap on head, pure white rump,
It has earned the elegant peony, the bullfinch rivals the tropics,
Its beak allows it to gorge itself with the pupils of the black thorn without scratches.

It is also the time of the brumale, the gray flesh and the musky scent,
This cousin of the perigourdine truffle reveals in the mouth an embittered bitterness,
In the undergrowth "Claudinette" sounds the awakening, hello to the cousin of snowdrops,
The spring "nivéoles" with rounded bells announce the renewal of the arpeggios.

Embellishing hedges and gardens, fearing neither the warmth nor the icy cold,
It can even flourish under the snow, seducer with charm all oriental,
The five petals of a scarlet red of its flowers bring a beautiful colorful touch,
But let us remain cautious the quince of Japan protects itself by its sharp spines.

True bride of February adorning her white dress while he freezes at his feet,
The almond tree is covered with flowers with the five white petals enclosing a pink calyx,
On Valensolle's side, these sheets of immaculate white wrap some tortuous trunks,
This legendary tree feeds confectionery for calissons and tasty nougats.

Often hidden under a tuft of grass, wild violets embalm the refrigerated air,
The only flower marketed in the winter of the 19C, Toulouse will contribute to its fame,
The City of Violets will propose it in candy based on fresh flowers
Its bouquets will flood Europe, its perfumes will be coveted by the elegant carriages.

On natural lawns a discrete dwarf with miniature tulip looks,
Pointe its small yellow stars at low ground, welcome to the "gage of Bohemia"
In the undergrowth a ruby ​​flambe twirls at the foot of a tree of high stature,
The green peak attacks a dome of needles to gorge itself with ants without problems.

In the park, little Jacquet left his cozy nest of branches,
A reddish flash at the tail in question mark goes down from his tree, pressed,
Braving the coldness the squirrel with the fawn coat will make its market,
Distinguishing the hidden tassels in the fall for its provision without waste.

In the middle of winter the forest calms until then, comes alive with yelping,
The fur reds in a ritual well lick begin their love game,
The male fox, leaps, encircles the female, history to give him the turn, happy
After a series of unrestrained pursuits, the excitement falls back by the coupling.

Alanguie under her white cloak, the sleeping beauty has kept her faithful out of age,
If some such as bears and marmots have opted for great sleep,
Others do not sleep the sleep of the righteous, the hare variable and the ermine awake,
Have chosen the white for a coat allowing them to blend with the landscape.

White is also suitable for the ptarmigan to escape predators,
His legs covered with a surplus of feathers serving him with snowshoes in the snow,
As for the black grouse, it does not change its
                                                                             L’ ARIÉ…JOIE

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