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APRIL, the joyful drill

The juvenile spring jumps like a merry drill in this April of discovery,
What enchanter has made green the leaves of the woods and flourish the lilacs,
This magician has given rise to new shoots and changed the green grassy snow,
His faithful winged companions publish in music their wedding in heaven, already.

In the oak groves and beech groves a fragrance, an obstinate suspicion,
Come to embalm the air under a sweet perfume, sweet and floral, perfect,
The hyacinth of the woods makes dance its adorable mauve bells in bunch, bewitching,
To celebrate their worship of sylvestre, the dryads of mythology put on their hair.

Gathered like a small apple on the branch of a shrub, admire the green rennet,
No hair or feathers but a soft and slightly viscous skin, a phenomenon,
Free the fast, the animal is fragile but the cute will escape to rejoin her domain,
Where grows the alliale officinale whose stem raises these small flowers in cross, alerts.

His song echoes again in the countryside, two syllables of disconcerting simplicity,
Cou..Cou, Cou..Cou have given its name to this enchanting bird, the gray cuckoo,
When we hear him in the woods where the marshes our hearts are booming, delighted,
This Spring messenger knows how to make himself heard but is reluctant to show himself, waiting.

Flying in swarms around the trees in the sunny alleys, the verdant adventure,
It is recognizable by its habit of light and its long and floating antennae,
In a frenzied ballet the little butterflies twirl in the air, dazzling,
All antennas erect, letting fall and then ascending illico, an incessant merry-go-round.

Income from its African wintering, the bird with salmon plumage has reinvested the groves,
In the spring warmth one lets oneself rocked by his orpoupou repeated at the envi,
The crested hoopoe often emits its sweet song from the top of a low wall or a thicket,
Its discreet sound contrasts with its erect peak and the exuberance of its plumage.

In the marshes the festival is in full swing, the frogs are croaking up who better,
The gerry skates on the aquatic mirror, the phragmites of the reeds push the song,
On the muddy banks of the vegetal stars light up to crown this ballet of joliettes,
The populace of the marshes raises its calyxes like radiant miniature suns.

In the garden, white periwinkles enter the round of butterflies of the evening,
Born of the caterpillars lodged in the cabbages they show their anterior wings at the black end,
They rub shoulders with multicolored candies with yellow or pink hulls, plump,
Decorated with liquorice spiral strips, real sugar barley snails hedges.

Its name is a poem, the male bird with the cobalt blue of its sublime breastplate,
Featuring in its center a task with the immaculate white, the mirror in make-up,
Through its cocktail of notes, the rowing of the mirrored throat refers to its plumage,
Imitator unparalleled there is in him the nightingale, the lark and even the cricket.

Seeming to swim in the maquis, a strange beast winds through the grass, fast and agile,
Long and slender his body covered with smooth scales gives it the appearance of a snake,
His two pairs of tiny legs made him a lizard, the fragile seps,
Season of the loves obliges, the males fight for the beautiful females by crawling.

While the night has invaded the undergrowth the night owls succeed to the diurnal asleep,
From the gaping holes of a slope, the adult badgers point their truffles, amazed,
Followed by the young blairotains with the frimousse resembling funny berlingots,
Humouring the air, the youths in love with freedom are giving themselves to joy, playing.

With their decorative flowers in the colors white, pink, yellow or red sangria,
Magnolias with spectacular flowering decorate country or public gardens,
In April a hybrid named "Star Wars" makes admire its pink magenta flowers,
It is the flamboyant city opening its tulips to the shape of angelic stars.

In Brittany a dawn of sweetness awakens on the moor, the spring blossoms the embankments,
Under the moon the korrigans make the round around the sacred menhirs,
With their bright yellow flowers that resemble one finds it difficult to differentiate them,
But the gorse bears sharp thorns while the broom has no broom.

In the wasteland of tiny garlands adorn the stems of the flowers in bloom,
Rolling with all his body the noctual of patience moves slowly,
This caterpillar of a nocturnal butterfly honors its host "Patience", cousin of sorrel
Its undulations reveal its silky robe adorned with white stripes and red vermilion peas.
Striving to hold his long conical muzzle in the air, his tactile mustaches and his sense of smell
Common crocidure, aka musette sharps, a zealous hunter,
It feeds on invertebrates, earthworms or snails, clopores or scarabs,
Once his little ones are born, the ribambelle runs to the tail leu leu without embarrassment.

Rich in its orchards, Normandy makes dreams of morels under the archaic apple trees,
Those with branches damaged and covered with mistletoe shelter the divine "morchella"
Lazy in winter, they grow in a few hours at Spring, blond or conical,
Loving creek edges they are also born thanks to the lilac glucose-rich sap.

Spinning in front of the chilly wind that ripples the pond, the elegant rustic swallow,
With a black metallic black back, a reddish belly and a red brick throat,
Prepares to build its nest in the form of a half cut along a joist of the stable,
It mixes the mud in the form of small marbles added to animal twigs or horsehair, reliable.

April sweet, worse than anything
When April is cold and rainy
The harvest is better
                                                                                                              L’ ARIÉ…JOIE

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