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 Autumn Stroll

October offers the forests their new seasonal hues,
In the rolling meadows stretching as far as the eye can see,
The herds graze the grass caressed by the last rays,
A grandiose fresco for the city-dweller of the long streets.

When the autumn comes the woods have rusty colors,
The mad leaves pitch in the forest that is stripping,
With the dawn, out of its wood, a brocade flees
Free, near the wave where his foot leads him.

In the subdued light of the underbrush with the golden foliage,
The flambé deploys its cream yellow wings streaked with black,
The chanterelle, with its apricot aroma, raises its yellow hat,
Front ermine lady in winter adornment playing the star of the evening.

The shadow gradually invades the earth and darkens the landscape,
Hares frolic in prairie in the quiet of the evening,
At the autumnal twilight where the forest changes its face,
In his curtain raising enchanting his audience.

Tonight the moon rises with tenderness,
She let out a smile laughing,
In the obscure light of his divine glow,
Descend a thoughtful mists a soft caress.

In the sky the spectator follows with his eyes the star of the shepherd,
The night settles in the clearing,
The moon diffuses its silver light,
It is the hour when deer and deer love each other at the edge of the edge.

                                                                                                                 L’ ARIÉ….JOIE

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